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    Payame Aazadi


    Ali Khamenei is probably near death from cancer.
    The Nation must be ready for a national movement.

    Eagle of Iran also must be ready.

    A horoscope tells, there will be bloodshed in Iran in July (probably in this year; 2015) until Change the complete of policy.

    Probably Ali Khamenei dies in July, then the people begin to movement.
    After changing of the regime, at first Islam must go out of official religion.
    Islam has destroyed not only Iran, but also the world.
    Khomeini and Khamenei have spreaded terror around of world with Islam.
    New Iran (new regime) must active the conversely way of these two dictators and inform the Iranian Nation and the humans of world about the mistake religion. If some people want to believe to Islam, no problem if they believe it only for God but no for policy.

    Yours Sincerely

    May 24-2015


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